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Sonja Kautzman, Life Coach

Curious Soul

Coaching & Expressions

Helping People to Live Their Best Life 

I know from personal experience that daily challenges, loss, and even successes can leave us with underlying feelings of uncertainly questioning if we are on the right path. I know the desire of wanting something more but not knowing what that something is. I have experienced being in a job where I have not felt fulfilled in spite of enjoying that job. I have experienced feelings of being deeply stuck in life. I know what it feels like to want to make a change not having a clue what that change should be. It was not until I began living my life with curiosity and creativity that I found a consistent underlying feeling of joy and peace.  

 I work with people from all walks of life and career backgrounds. They have the following universal threads in their lives:

  • ​The more they hustled, the more they felt less satisfied

  • They spent time searching for "Something" but were not able to identify that "Something"

  • They wanted more joy and peace in their life

  • They were restless but didn't know why

  • They had the nagging thought, "Is this it? Am I on the right path?"

  • They shared the thoughts, "Why am I here . . . What's my purpose?"

  • They wanted to make a change but didn't know where to begin or how to overcome the fear of change

  • They struggle with the affects of addiction by a loved one

     Here at Curious Soul Coaching & Expressions, the goal is to connect you to your true self, the unique spirit that lives within you. This is achieved by using powerful coaching tools to make changes in the unsatisfactory areas of your life. Changes that will put you on the path to lead the fulfillment of dreams and back to your true self. Changes that will have you living from a place of self-empowerment, wholeness, and belonging.


     If you have experienced any of the above, but are not quite sure if you are ready to commit to making yourself a priority in your life, then click on the Coaching button to read more about Life Coaching.


     At the very least,  give yourself the gift of a no-cost 30-minute introductory call.


Give Yourself the Gift of a No-Cost 30-Minute Discovery Call.

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