Sonja Kautzman

Life Coach & Creative

The Highlights . . . . 

  • Lover of Horses

  • Believer in the Creative Self

  • Lover of Curiosity

  • Child of an Alcoholic

  • Spiritual Being

  • Creative 

  • Believer in People's ability to change their stories

Story Synopsis . . .

     I look towards the stars to find hope and possibilities. I believe in the power of curiosity and creativity as guiding principles for a way of life and to heal one’s heart. I believe in a spiritual being far greater than I could ever imagine. Most of all, I believe I am a spiritual being having a human experience.


     I grew up in a chaotic home environment. The days I walked on eggshells and nights were filled anger and argument. The day/night was a predictable routine. As a child I was thrown into a constant state of flight, fright or freeze. As a Result, I developed migraines, anxiety and depression that continued to worsen over the years and eventually was given a diagnosis for an autoimmune disease which I have no doubt was exasperated by the years of living in the Fight-Flight-Freeze state.


     I lived in continual state of fear about everything and often thought about checking out of life. I was simply tired of the fear and the emotional wreckage that wouldn’t get out of my head. It took the death of a dear friend to finally push me to the point of asking for help. I spent a few years in EMDR therapy, walked through the trauma, healed my heart, and began to build a new foundation of beliefs upon which I began to write a new story of my life. I now feel a continuous sense of joy and inner peace. 


     Today I help others find the limiting beliefs, the negative stories that hold them back from their true self. I have been given the gifts of compassion, love, intuition, healing, and the ability to hold space for others that I use as I work with clients in writing new stories that better serve them.


     Today my greatest joy is helping clients find the way to achieving their hopes, dreams, and their true paths by seeing the hope and possibilities in the stars within themselves.


Career Highlights . . .

  • Bachelors of Social Work from the University of North Dakota

  • Paralegal Certificate from Arizona Paralegal School

  • Several Years in Retail Management

  • 24 Years as a Litigation Paralegal

  • Most Recently a Life Coach