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Creative Vision:

To Change Personal Stories through Curiosity & Creativity

Creative:: def-Marked by the ability and power to create.

Sonja's Definition of Creative: A person who is willing to change their personal story by engaging the power of curiosity & creativity.

People tend to associate being creative with being an artist, an author, a musician, as having some kind of magical and mysterious genius which was given to the artistic people, and only them. This assumption is a myth, which has been solidified by bad experiences that resulted in people turning their back on their internal creative spirit. It is a myth that only some people have creative talent. It is my mission and passion to bust the myths that surround creativity. My intention is to cultivate the creativity that is within each of us. 

We are born out of creation. It runs through us as does blood and air. I believe creativity is as important as blood and air to our emotional growth and spiritual growth. Creativity is so much more than producing a product. Creativity is about taking back our personal power to build our lives in such a way that we become filled with joy, peace, creating connections to others, and freeing ourselves from our personal stories that no longer serve us. Creativity is about being the inventors, innovators, and writers of our own stories.

Creativity and changing our personal stories is an act of vulnerability. Creativity and changing our personal stories, present the question, "what are we willing to give up to become the person we are meant to become?" The creative journey into ourselves will be filled with opportunities to step outside of our comfort zone. It is a process in which we learn to lean into the discomfort of creativity and the discomfort of looking within, and even the discomfort of changing our stories.

I have found that by changing my perspective as to how I approach this process makes the journey interesting. The process I use is that of curiosity. 

Our creative spirit wants to be free. It wants to dance, move, grow, and be part of shaping the person who we want to be, not the person who others think we should be. 

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