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The following information details my phone and e-mail Coaching Format & Guidelines.




The Client Packet will be sent to you upon booking  your first session. The packet includes the following forms and agreements. Some of the forms are to be singed and emailed to me before our first session. 


  • Coaching Agreement – Sign and email to me.

  • Confidentiality Agreement – Sign and email to me.

  • Client Intake Form – Sign and email to me.

  • Client Statement of Intent & Responsibly – Sign and email to me. 

  • Coaching Format & Guidelines – Sign and email to me.




Each Session will be 60 minutes in length and is to be scheduled at least seven (7) days in advance if possible. I will call you at the scheduled time unless we arrange otherwise. A 24-hour cancellation is required should a need a rise to cancel. If you do not cancel within the 24-hour period prior to your scheduled session, you will be charged for the missed session. I do understand that emergencies may preclude you from giving me such notice, therefore, I will extend one courtesy cancellation should such situation arise.


I ask that during our phone sessions you find a space that is noise and distractions free. I strongly advise you not be driving while we are on our calls. You are making a time and financial investment in yourself. I want our time together to be a time where we focus on you.




I encourage you to send me questions or thoughts throughout the week relative to our work together. Unless notified otherwise, I will read messages at least once daily, Monday through Friday, and will reply when e-mail coaching is appropriate. I do not consistently work on the weekends or holidays, but feel free to e-mail on these days and I will reply the following Monday, if not before.



I ask that you keep in mind that during e-mails correspondence you are unable to hear the tone of my voice. Please know that I am always on your side. If the content of the email, or verbal conversation, seems direct, I am usually challenging ideas or beliefs, never you personally. I might include comments in the body of the e-mail you sent to me. Therefore, I may change the color of the font or use CAPS to differentiate our typing. Please don’t think I am yelling at you.


It is very important for you to tell me you disagree with something. You are the expert on you. I am just a facilitator in the process. I may challenge an idea, but the last word is always you. You are in control of your life and how you chose to live it.




Single Session


A single session is like sticking our toes into lake. You are not sure you are ready to jump right in and you are wanting a little reassure before you take the plunge. Single sessions are also good for "tune ups". However if you are just getting started on your journey, I recommend at least the 3-Session Package or longer. This provides a momentum and continuity in your exploration.

Single sessions are available at $45.00 and include one (1) week of follow-up e-mail support. The fee is to be paid by the agreement upon date to ensure that the coaching relationship is not suspended or cancelled. 

3- Session Package

The fee, covering the three (3) phone sessions and e-mail support between calls shall be $105.00.The fee is to be paid by the agreement upon date to ensure that the coaching relationship is not suspended or cancelled. 


Because I believe so much in the power of these transformational coaching techniques, I offer one-month money-back guarantee on your first coaching package. If you keep your

appointments and attempt all homework, but find that the sessions don’t meet your expectations, I will refund, 2 of the three sessions the first 30 days, your first package of sessions.

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