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Pocket Creative Cues

I designed a deck of 25 cards to be used as a starting point for the exploration of writing, photography, doodling, and painting. 

You may have bought into the myth that "you don't have a creative bone in your body" or "you don't have talent." I can assure you that neither statement is true. The statements are pure myth.

Creativity is about curiosity, being playful, and being able to see the possibilities. We are born with a creative spirit which resides within each of us, and it is a very important part of our soul and life force.

Your creative spirit has never left you. It is waiting for you to open the door to your heart and let your spirit fly. It is by taking time, patience, and practice, that we begin to embrace our creative spirit just as we once did as a child.

How to Use the Cards

Pick a card from the deck and have faith that the card you selected is the message that you are meant to hear at that moment. I suggest you carry the card with you for 24 hours, and look at the card throughout the day. Place the card in a location that you can easily see it and be reminded of the word on the card.

Tips for getting the most out of your PCC

  • Write a sentence or two of how you define the word;

  • Write or think about how you might incorporate more of the word into your life;

  • Doodle, photograph, write about, or make a small painting of something that reminds you of the word that captures the thoughts, feelings, or emotions of word elicits from you.

The intention is not to be perfect about what you write, photograph, paint, or doodle, but to take the time to reflect on the thoughts and feelings associated with the word. If the word brings you negative emotions, use the reflection time to accept the negative feelings and thing about how to change the story around the negativity into a story of a new personal story of a new beginning.

Remember the intention is to get back to curiosity, play and letting go for a few minutes.

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