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This Workshop is for you if you can answer yes to any of the the following:

  • Are you always chasing moments of happiness or pleasure?

  • Do you want a sense of joy in your everyday life?

  • Are you having difficulty reaching your goals?

  • Have you lost a sense of yourself?

  • Does something seem to be missing from your life?

  • Have you forgotten how to play, be carefree, and dream?

  • Do you want to make time for yourself and make you a priority so you can be fully present for others in your life?

Now is the time to invest in yourself.

Now is the time to make you a priority.

Now is the time to start dreaming and achieve your goals.

Now is the time for you!

You Deserve to be the Best You

Happy Woman


  • How to use your values as your guide to finding inspiration, empowerment, and purpose

  • How to use your internal compass to navigate to set a coarse to your best self

  • To identify and dissolve limiting believes that get in or way of reaching our goals and dreams

  • To make yourself a priority in your life

  • Become more engaged in your life, and relationships by being present in ways you previously were not

  • To choose happiness and develop a sense of joy as the foundation to your life

Why You Should Work with Me

I create a safe, kind, supportive and open environment free from judgment and criticism. I use pointed questions and strategies to identify the limiting beliefs which hold a client back from attaining his/her best self. Together the client and I work in dissolving the limiting beliefs. I will identify patterns that a client may not be aware of a develop a plan with the client to break the old pattern, build a new one that better serves the client. 

Together we will build a roadmap that will get you to a better self, meet your goals so you are able to life a joyful and purposeful life.


  • A 6-week coarse

  • Each week we will meet for 60 minutes as a group via Zoom

  • Weekly activities that will 

  • assist in reconnecting to or identifying personal values

  • Identify obstacles that get in the say of living a value centered life

  • Identify obstacles that get into the way of reaching our goals

  • Strategies to overcome obstacle that will move you towards your goals, live a valued based life filled with joy


  • Unlimited Email support throughout the 6-week entire coarse

  • Two 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions

  • A one-time discount of a future additional coaching package

  • Access to a private Facebook group where coarse attendees to share their progress and support one another through the process

  • A follow up call 45 days after completion of the workshop to see how you are progressing

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