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A Doodle a day.....

I always enjoy coming across artists, authors and speakers, who are really jazzed about the creative process. Over the holidays last year, I discovered Sunni Brown who is the author of "The Doodle Revolution." I thrilled about this discovery for two reasons. The first reason is she says that by doodling people retain the information they are presented during meetings and lectures. I have personally experienced this over the past year but I thought I was a little crazy and was justifying my doodling during meetings.

The second reason I love the discovery of Sunni and her work, is that she really speaks to the importance of visual language and the need to teach the use of visual language. I believe her work is on point with educators and the work environment. She works with organizations to incorporate the art of doodling as a tool for visual note taking. You can buy the book on Amazon and there is a Kindle version. Someone is winning a free copy, from me, so let me know if you'd like it by posting in the comments or contacting me at Feel free to embrace doodling to help you retain information and just to have some creative fun. May you always live a creative life.

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