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Spring is Busting out all Over

Seasonal Creativity I have found that some of my creative efforts are driven by seasonal changes. As we approach summer in the desert, my photographic desires go into a sweet slumber and my painting desires bloom with the colorful blossoms, outside. I tend to be more experimental during the Summer months. I think the experimentation is a way for my mind to handle the sweltering Summer heat in the desert. I always seem to meander through a period of downheartedness as the cool weather leaves. And then, a spark of excitement ignites an embracement of the possibilities that exist during my Summer cylce of curious exploration. During this current transition period into the Summer cycle, I am practicing my doodling. Specifically, I am determined to acquire the skills to make a an awesom stick figure in the event that one day my family or friends will agree to play some Pictionary, with me. (Seriously, why don’t they want me on their team!!) My stick figure adventure is to show curious souls that our creative journeys only need to start with one little seed of determination or curiosity, even if it is only a stick figure. If you water your curiously with the act of practicing you will see amazing results that will increase your curiosity and urge you to create more. I share with you my first round of stick figures. May you always live a creative life.

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