Come Create with Me

I am seeking 12 people to join me for an 1 ½ hour 5 week class to go on a creative self discovery journey. We will be using a process painting method for creative self exploration focused on the use of our intuitive curiosity to tackle creative fears and creative blocks. The 5 week class will include one on one creative coaching and simple exercises to break the creative process down to its simplest form of play.

You can sign up for the class through the Phoenix Parks & Recreation website:…class will take place at the Pecos Recreation Center in Ahwatukee.

IF you are

*the person who says you are not an artist or

*suffers from creative fear

*experiencing a creative block

*simply want to recapture that feeling of creative freedom you experienced as a child,


Feel free to contact me at if you have questions about the class and check out my website for additional information about Soul Painting and the creative process.

I hope to see many of you there, as this is an exciting event for me and you!

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