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Often when we are listening, especially when in conversation, we don’t hear what is being communicated. Our ego is so busy formulating a reaction that that we don’t hear what is really being said. We listen to react rather than listen to respond. Our lives have become to chaotic with noise that we do t even hear the sounds around us that are often part of our daily life.We need to slow our minds down by taking the time to simply hear what we often pas over. I invite you to take a few minutes each day to sit, wherever you are and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to slow your mind and begin to listen and identify the sounds. Let the sounds flow through your mind with out comment or judgement. It might go something like closing...voices......laughing, and so on. The more you do this you will begin to notice sounds that may have been around you the entire time, but your have been overlooking. The more you learn to listen quietly will also change your ability to listen in conversation so you are able to respond with thoughtfulness rather than with a reaction which often leads to disaster 

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