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Everyday we have the opportunity inspire others. We do this by walking gracefully with good intentions of kindness and compassion. We can inspire others by sharing our thoughts and opinions even when those thoughts and options are different from others. We inspire by engaging in mindful and thoughtful discussions with a goal to come to an better understanding of one another. It does not mean we need to agree with each other but try to find the commonalities from which we can work from. Unkind words, hateful speech and an unwillingness to listen is the opposite of inspiring. When we are able to work from a shared common interest we can move mountains, initiate change, heal ourselves, heal each other, heal our country and heal the world. As we continue to move through the holiday season, I ask that you gracefully, with kindness take on the hard conversations to find a common ground with those who you may be so opposed to due to their religious and political beliefs. Be kind to yourself and to others this holiday season. Inspiration can be found all around us, in nature, actions of others, a good book and taking the time to create. Most of all, be the inspiration that you seek in others. Hugs, Peace and Love, your Creative Soul. #creativity #creativesoul #sonjakautzman#creativesoulcreativepath #mindfulness#creativesoulcreativepath #curioussoul#curious-soul # #creativity #creative#mindful #expressivepainting #selfhelp#healing #selflove #growth #health

#creativespirit #creativeflow#mindbodysoul

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