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Get Off Your Tightrope

I have verbally beaten myself up for not finding a way to live a balanced life. A life that is compartmentalized equally, into nice tidy blocks of perfect amounts of time dedicated to family, friends, creativity, work, yada yada. Well. I have come to the realization that trying to achieve such a balance is near impossible. It is not a realistic metric that should be used to determine how successful or how well one’s life is going in general. Everyday we are given another 24 hours. It is solely our choice how we use that 24 hours. If you are saying to yourself, or anybody else, that if you had another minute or x number of hours to spare in your day, you would be able to achieve a perfectly balanced life, then you are telling yourself something that just might not be in your best interest. When we choose the belief of, “if I only had more time”, we often set ourselves up for self criticism and judgment because of the tendency to compare our life to others who seem, on the outside, to have their shit together. Think about dropping the need to find balance and adopt the concept of harmony. Choosing harmony over balance is a way of accepting that all parts of your life work together, as they are meant to, knowing there will be times one area may need more attention than the other areas due to the curve balls that are often thrown at us by life. Harmony is experiencing an internal calm. This calmness can occur even in the midst of what may appear as situational chaos. When we live in a state of harmony, we are able to maneuver the various areas of life allowing us to be fully present. It is when we are not fully present that we lose a sense of harmony that brings on stress, anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy, while trying to juggle all the parts of our life. I have gotten off the tight rope away from trying to balance anything. I now strive for harmony. The same peaceful feeling I experience when I hear musical notes and chords come together in a perfectly synchronized melody for the heart. Peace, Hugs, & Love, Your Creative Soul.

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