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What is Your Legacy?

What is Your Legacy

I recently met Ellen Schilling founder and creator of “Unveil Your Legacy.” She creates disk bracelets and necklaces hand stamping each word on the disk. Ellen created her business as a celebration of her brother who succumbed to cancer. Part of her legacy is a monthly contribution she makes to a local charity, The Joy Bus, which provides meals to home bound cancer patients. I could not help but fall in love with her inspiration and desire to make connections with people. I bought one of her bracelets with “Brave” stamped on it. It is something I have to remind myself multiple times a day to be. Ellen placed my new treasure on my wrist and asked, “Sonja what is your legacy going to be?” I certainly didn’t have to think about my answer. I shared with Ellen the legacy I am building which is to work with people to find their creative spirit that resides within each of us. Each one of us has a legacy to build. A legacy is more than having the means to leave people or an institution significant amounts of money. A legacy can be the dedication and your time to charity. A legacy can be small monetary assistance. A legacy can be that you show up fully and be present with each interaction you have with another person. A legacy is your kindness, compassion, or your willingness to pitch in when others are in need. I often think of it as how I want to be remembered. So today I ask you, what will your legacy be? Hugs, Peace and Love, Your Creative Soul.

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