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You have Choices


There have been times when I have forgotten that I have choices. It seems that my tendency to forget this is when I have felt stress, or feeling that I didn’t have enough, or that I have failed, and especially when I have felt depressed. My emotional state during those times had clouded my ability to realize that I have choices; that I always have choices. Even in the worst of times, we can begin to make choices that can change our path, our attitude and perception. This change begins with one small choice after another. It is the ego and fear that prevents us from making choices that will propel us forward to reaching our true destination. Fear throws up the first road block by asking, “what if I make the wrong choice?” Sound familiar? That question shakes us to our core. Yes there are times we do make a choice that doesn’t get us the result we may have wanted. And yes there are times the choices we make hurt us deeply. But it is through the twists, the turns, and undesirable results that we discover what we do not want, who we are and where we really need to go. Our ego throws up the second road block by convincing us that we will be judged if the choice does not turn out to be favorable. We fear judgment by others. Not to mention we often judge ourselves the harshest. It is better to step forward and sideways rather than backward. Be brave, be courageous, be curious and choose a direction. Let each choice be the wind in your sail. And as the wind is used to change the direction of your vessel, let the power of choice be the change to the course you take to your destination. Hugs, Peace, and love, Your Creative Soul.

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