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The Process


Soul Paining is an intuitive process with the goal to get out of one's mind and into a state of wordlessness. It is a meditative process to reconnect with one's intuitive self. It is a process to free one’s self from fear, self-criticisms, self-judgments, and self-doubt. It a process to open the mind to the possibilities available to the painter. It is a journey back to one’s self. It is a path to emotional freedom and the reaching of dreams. 


The painting steps are so simple it often feels difficult. The process is about the journey not the product.


Don’t think. Pick up the first brush you see. Quickly scan the colors and select the one that first captures your attention. Don’t be surprised if it is your least favorite color that grabs you. Go with it!


Take the color filled brush and make your first mark. This is not about trying to paint your pet. It is about letting your intuition guide your arm, wrist and hand. Once you exhausted the color, pick the next color. Your intuition will tell you what to do next. If you start hearing the voice in your mind, you have left your intuition. Stop. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath or two. Open your eyes and begin again with a color selection or wait to hear the whisper of your intuition to guide you hand. This is the process. 


There is no right or wrong. It is returning to the mind of a playful child were fun and play is driven by curiosity. It is with a free mind that we find joy, peace, and direction to our purpose. It is where we imagine, plan, and begin to change our stories to meet our dreams. It is where life begins.

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