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Why do Life Coaching?

To be free from obstacles that are keeping you from your goals & dreams

Have you reached a point in life where you feel out of sorts like you are not certain what your life’s purpose is? Or maybe you have been thinking about making a change but self-doubts, uncertainty, and fear are holding you back? Or maybe you have been feeling unhappy and not quite sure why. 


We often reach a point where we might find ourselves in a rut in one or more ares of our lives. We spend time spinning in circles, researching or analyzing what we think is going on within, or we read so many self-help books, and poll family and friends, but are never able to move a head.


We are influenced at a very young age by so many people who have our best interests in mind, but the influence moves us away from our true self and path. It is not surprising that at various times in our lives we find ourselves asking, “what exactly am I doing here?” Another common occurrence in our culture is that we become so busy and focused on others such as raising kids, taking care of a family member or friend we put our self on hold. When the day comes that the care we provided is no longer needed, we discover we might no longer know our selves or know what to do next. 


A life coach can provide the guidance, clarity, focus, and relief in exploring and finding strategies to reach your goals, live your right life, get back on track, and get back to you.


The majority of my clients are high functioning and doing well for the most part in their lives, but they find themselves with an underlying current of wanting something more or thinking that they have not quite hit the mark yet. 


When you work with me, we delve into dissolving limiting beliefs and old patterns which are usually the obstacles that hold us back from making positive changes towards our right life.


If you are open to leading with curiosity, learning to rely on your intuition, and your are ready to make a commitment to yourself, then I can be your partner in change. As your coach, I will be with you as you challenge the obstacles that get in the way of you reaching your dreams and prevent you from making changes that would lead you to fulfillment and joy.


My areas of focus include:

  • General life coaching

  • Personal growth

  • Creativity 

  • Life transitions

  • Work/life balance

  • Grief and loss


If what I described above seems to strike you then you are ready to put into motion steps to change your story. You are ready to move from an old story that is keeping you back and begin to build a new foundation to a new story that is in alignment with your Ikagia. Your life purpose. 


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